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Doyen Internet Marketing Services was started by owner Roy Rintoul in May 2012, as a result of extensive exposure to internet marketing strategies while he was in the Educational Administration field.  Typical media advertising such as newspaper ads, radio spots and TV advertising had been rapidly losing their effectiveness for private Colleges and other resources were needed to reach their clientele.  Roy has been involved directly in internet marketing since its beginnings in the mid 1990s.  In the early stages Search Engine Optimization was king, and continues to be important, however as the Internet Marketing Industry has matured more and more tools became available to reach a target audience.  Roy’s ability to master this new information rapidly, along with his keen sense of seeking new entrepreneurial opportunities, allowed him to not only use the existing tools well but to also foresee what the up and coming tools could do for the business. Throughout his career Roy was responsible for a number of College turnarounds and one IT start-up, all largely due to his ever growing knowledge of Internet Marketing.

Roy has now taken his extensive Internet Marketing background and is applying it to the Digital Product arena.  Whether it be digital authors, online trainers or personal development gurus, Roy is able to carry each of his clients from concept to market penetration via application of aggressive internet marketing strategies.

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