SEO Tools for Beginners

from Tribune Content

SEOLearning the principles of SEO and using SEO tools well can be daunting for beginners. The alphabet soup of acronyms and industry jargon alone can take months, if not years, to understand. In addition to the learning curve associated with all the terminology, a beginner SEO needs to be careful to fill their tool belt with fundamental readings and tools. I’ve laid out some of the resources I made ample use of in my first couple years of work. I’ve often revisited the readings, and still make use of many of the tools daily.

Here are what I consider to be the essential readings and tools for learning SEO, in order of value: Continue reading

8 Tips to Make a Billion-Dollar Idea Successful

Billion-dollar-billThere are lots of ideas in the world. In fact, according to various sources including the National Science Foundation and Deepak Chopra, each person has roughly 15,000 to 70,000 individual thoughts each and every day. Among all those thoughts are bound to be some exciting ideas and perhaps a groundbreaking invention or two. But just thinking up something wonderful is not enough to make it a reality, nor will it make you wildly rich and successful. For that you need to execute perfectly. Continue reading

Why Your Information Product Will Probably Fail

by Dan

InformationProduct“Information products” are the bread and butter of internet marketers.

You know– ebooks, video series’, pamphlets, newsletters, high pressure sales pages, step-by-step membership sites, all that.

For all the talk of how great info-only business models are, I don’t see a lot of success in-person. I know my sample size is limited, but it got me thinking– maybe making the entrepreneurial leap with an info product is harder than we think. Continue reading

Top eLearning Statistics And Facts

by Christopher Pappas

eLearningCountless reports, surveys, and studies have shown that eLearning industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, an increasing number of individuals, corporations, and institutions are turning to eLearning as they recognize its effectiveness and its convenience. Here are some important eLearning statistics and facts for 2015, some of which may even surprise you! Continue reading

6 Ways to Use Crowdfunding for Product Development

by David Drake

crowdfundingNumerous products are launched into the market every day. However, prior to launch, each product needs to pass the product-market fit and more companies are testing the water via crowdfunding, an online model of raising funds and financing from individuals. By going down this route, entrepreneurs are able to test quickly, more effectively and economically.

Here are six ways to use crowdfunding for product development. Continue reading