6 Ways to Use Crowdfunding for Product Development

by David Drake

crowdfundingNumerous products are launched into the market every day. However, prior to launch, each product needs to pass the product-market fit and more companies are testing the water via crowdfunding, an online model of raising funds and financing from individuals. By going down this route, entrepreneurs are able to test quickly, more effectively and economically.

Here are six ways to use crowdfunding for product development. Continue reading

The Rise Of Investment Crowdfunding

by Adi Gaskell

crowdsourcingIt’s tempting when you think of crowdfunding to think purely in terms of Kickstarter-like projects whereby participants only get a freebie or two from the entrepreneurs they’re backing, plus the buzz from seeing a project they believe in make it to market.

There has however been a groundswell of crowd-investment platforms in recent years, and in particular since President Obama passed the JOBS Act in 2012. Continue reading

Investment Crowdfunding


investFriday, October 30th 2015, has become a historical milestone for all startup businesses, small to medium-sized companies, and investors in the United States. It is the day that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finalized the investment crowdfunding law supported by the JOBS Act, permitting companies to offer and sell shares through the online method of capital raising. The new rules create a federal exemption for such investments, although under fixed limitations. Continue reading