SEO Tools for Beginners

from Tribune Content

SEOLearning the principles of SEO and using SEO tools well can be daunting for beginners. The alphabet soup of acronyms and industry jargon alone can take months, if not years, to understand. In addition to the learning curve associated with all the terminology, a beginner SEO needs to be careful to fill their tool belt with fundamental readings and tools. I’ve laid out some of the resources I made ample use of in my first couple years of work. I’ve often revisited the readings, and still make use of many of the tools daily.

Here are what I consider to be the essential readings and tools for learning SEO, in order of value: Continue reading

Video Search Engine Optimization

by Eric Enge

video-seoThis article will outline tips for optimizing your video files to get traffic to your web site. Video search optimization is in its infancy, but it’s growing rapidly. As more and more users get broadband access, video’s usage level will grow even further. In addition, more and more web sites are simply shoving video in your face. For example on, video content dominates the site.

The first thing to realize is that video optimization is still in the stone ages, for one simple reason. Generally speaking, the video search engines can’t look inside the video to tell what the content is. For that reason, they rely on other on page factors, the metadata within the video file itself, and inbound links and anchor text to determine what the video is about. Continue reading

How To Cement Your Local SEO Footprint

from Search Engine Land

google-mapsLocal search visibility grows increasingly important as “near me” searches on Google continue to rise. Your future customers may be looking for you at home on their desktops, or they may be using a mobile device on the go, such as a cell phone or a tablet. In fact, Google confirmed earlier this year that mobile searches have officially overtaken desktop on its search engine.

In other words, people who use the number one search engine are looking for your business, often while mobile. Is your site number one, or is a competitor’s? Do you even show up? Continue reading

The Future Of SEO In 2016

from Search Engine Land

good-seo-for-2016Every year, Google makes changes, and SEOs have to adapt, but 2015 was a fairly uneventful year in the SEO world. What really changed? Mobilegeddon, another Panda, local became a 3-pack, referral spam became a bigger issue, local became partially paid and Google+ was stripped down.

If you had to change your strategy in 2015, it’s because you learned something new, you were doing something you shouldn’t have or you weren’t doing something you should have been doing. SEO still is, and will always be, about getting the basics right, paying attention to the details and putting it all together. Continue reading

10 Video SEO Tips That Can Truly Impact Your Rankings


vseoMany of the points articulated below have come from speaking with several marketers over the last few weeks who have been working at the intersection of video marketing and SEO for awhile. What impressed me most was that, these folks were incredibly down-to-earth about video SEO, providing very clear best practices and ideas for taking a long-term, quality-driven approach to video SEO.

Let these 10 points be a checklist for you as you plan or review your video SEO strategy. Continue reading