Strategic Marketing Blueprint

The Strategic Marketing Blueprint is an introductory level product that allows the client to discover what actually can be done with Internet Marketing and to make decisions based on the information provided.

The Blueprint contains full market research on the client’s idea including market size, competitors and pricing comparisons.  One of the key elements provided here is a set of keywords that should be focused on in their marketing program for tools such as Search Engine Optimization and Media Buying Strategies. The Blueprint also contains a fully diagrammed Timeline for the marketing of their product for maximum market penetration.  The Timeline contains recommendations for which marketing tools will reach their audience in the most effective manner, and a step by step process for implementing those tools.

A full Strategic Marketing Blueprint will dramatically reduce the time that it takes to get your Internet Marketing Plans into full swing.  The service is priced between $497 and $997 depending the extent of the research that is required for your business.


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