Video Marketing Plan

Providing videos on your website can do many things for an organization, the least of which is goodwill if you are trying to educate the general public as to your business’ offerings. There are, however, many great reasons to produce and publish video content.  The use of video has always been a viable approach to promote and grow your business, but now it is also being used to provide more exposure via social network services like YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo. Another benefit in utilizing video content, as part of your Web presence, is that you gain authority with the Search Engines, if you do it right.  Video is one of the most popular online media types available and tends to grab audience attention better than most other forms of media on the Internet.  It also lends itself well to mobile implementation.

This service includes the full scripting of the marketing videos along with shooting, directing and editing the finished product.  Also included is the scheduled posting of the video (or video sequence) to all video hosting sites (there are a lot more than just YouTube) via the use of an advanced distribution software known as Traffic Geyser.

Pricing for these services are based on a number of factors including script complexity, special effects, video length, the number of videos being produced and research requirements.  Pricing will generally range between $3,000 for a simple single day shoot to $25,000 + for videos requiring extensive graphic elements.

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